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Association Against Animal Abuse from Germany is joining the trend of making humans think how would it feel if they were the ones sacrificing their lives instead of animals. I don’t think this campaign is very original – or at least not as good as this one– but the message is clear and people should simply stop killing animals for fashion.

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Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Dirk Haeusermann
Creative Director: Bill Biancoli
Art Director: Vitali Nazarenus
Copywriter: David Akuffo
Photographer: Uwe Düttmann
Retouching: Peter Ruebenian
Music: Leenert Schrader
Editor: Philip Wachsmann
Web Developer: Jan Kuntoff (Freiland)
Published: January 2011

Via Ads of the World


Put yourself in a horse's place. Stop horse branding with us! Animals suffer like we do.

Put yourself in a monkey’s place. Stop animal testing with us! Animals suffer like we do

Put yourself in a mink's place. Don't buy animal skins! Animals suffer like we do

Put yourself in a pig’s place. Stop anaesthetic-free piglet castration with us! Animals suffer like we do.Put yourself in a mink’s place. Don’t buy animal skins! Animals suffer like we do


The recent scandal that Outdoor Adventures Whistler is facing makes me think about all the other animals that still don’t have as much support as those puppies. I love the tagline of this campaign: “Animals Suffer Like We Do.” The pictures, even though a bit too gory, make you think twice before hurting any animal. Let’s hope for more awareness on this issue.

Advertising Agency: Frese & Wolff, Oldenburg, Germany.

Creative Directors: Uwe Linthe, Ingo Steuber

Art Director: Thorsten Abbein

Graphic Designer: Alexander Wille

Photographer: Tim Thiel

Published: December 2010

Via: Ads of the World