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Out of all the ads that I saw from the SuperBowl,  this one is my favorite one. It was a fantastic idea to show that the car is intended for certain audience, but made fun of them at the same time. It is rare to see creativity used in this way. Two thumbs up for this one.

PS: The Kenny G part was hilarious!


Put yourself in a horse's place. Stop horse branding with us! Animals suffer like we do.

Put yourself in a monkey’s place. Stop animal testing with us! Animals suffer like we do

Put yourself in a mink's place. Don't buy animal skins! Animals suffer like we do

Put yourself in a pig’s place. Stop anaesthetic-free piglet castration with us! Animals suffer like we do.Put yourself in a mink’s place. Don’t buy animal skins! Animals suffer like we do


The recent scandal that Outdoor Adventures Whistler is facing makes me think about all the other animals that still don’t have as much support as those puppies. I love the tagline of this campaign: “Animals Suffer Like We Do.” The pictures, even though a bit too gory, make you think twice before hurting any animal. Let’s hope for more awareness on this issue.

Advertising Agency: Frese & Wolff, Oldenburg, Germany.

Creative Directors: Uwe Linthe, Ingo Steuber

Art Director: Thorsten Abbein

Graphic Designer: Alexander Wille

Photographer: Tim Thiel

Published: December 2010

Via: Ads of the World

Most people worry because their parents want to be friends on Facebook, or are already embarrassing them. I think that I probably would have been scared of being friends with my parents seven years ago, but now my life is so boring that the most risque pictures that they can find on my profile are my work Christmas party and me playing mini-golf last summer. Lots of people still wonder whether or not is a good idea to give access to your parents to your most popular Internet hangout. However I decided that it’s a good idea to be “friends” with my parents. My mom lives in another country, and my dad in another province. It would really be nice to stay in touch with them and know what going on with their lives, even though my mom calls me almost everyday to tell me the most trivial events of her life.

As soon as my mom signed up for Facebook, we became friends. She’s been on it for over three years and still doesn’t even know how to “like” anything – she “likes” and “dislikes” things over the phone. She doesn’t accept many friend requests because she doesn’t want them to post things on their wall. She thinks that the best way to use Facebook is avoiding people on it. However she did accept my Please-tell-the-world-I’m-your-son request. So all of my friends can find her profile easily. She recently learned that if she wants to read news feeds, she can now call one of my aunts who is constantly policing her children, sisters, nephews, nieces, neighbors, friends, and anyone who dares to accepts her fatal friend request. Also, my mom doesn’t speak English, so I could write the most absurd status update or note and she wouldn’t even notice.

A few days ago, Facebook showed me my dad as “people [I] may know.” It seemed funny to see the suggestions. Of course I know my dad, Facebook! I requested his friendship right away. A few days later I noticed that Facebook suggested me again to become Friends with him. I requested his friendship again. Then last week, Facebook suggests me again to become friends with my dad. He ignored my request two times! I asked him once about it – don’t judge me, I usually don’t care if the average human being doesn’t accept me or “unfriends” me- he simply ignored the question and moved on to tell me something about his job. I know he loves me and everything, but I felt such a BURN! BIG BURN!

I noticed he’s friends with my aunts, and some cousins, but my sister and brother aren’t friends with him either. I think that he doesn’t want us to be uncomfortable with his presence. I really don’t know the reason, but I think it’s better having a nosy parent on Facebook, than someone who just ignores your “friendship” request! Seriously, what’s up with that? I am a social media bastard. My father won’t accept me, but in the real world things are still normal. No hard feelings, and I guess most teenage Facebook users would be jealous to have parents like mine on Facebook. Between us, I’m just going to assume my dad doesn’t need to be friends with me on Facebook because I he knows I share everything with him.