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Virgin’s new ad campaign is a bit boring and predictable, but this one  managed to make me laugh. The idea is bit freaky, but it is refreshing to see this after the lack of good ads for Valentine’s Day. The only problem I have with this ad is that it doesn’t appeal to its target audience. Seriously, what girl wants to relate to a crazy stalker? or what mother wants to be like this woman?

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Advertising Agency: Ilde CS, Madrid, Spain
Creative: Ilde Cárdenes Santana

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Creator: Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai, India.

by Cristian Cano

YouTube and Old Spice just made history, and proved once again that social media can be more effective than broadcast with a series of videos that had more than 110 million views. The Old Spice commercial [above] went viral quickly and even though there was some criticism about its effectivity, the numbers were revealed this week and sales increased 107% in a month. Marketing firm Wieden + Kennedy is responsible for the creation of this ad, which has been as successful as Susan Boyle’s video. It may seem like just a YouTube viral campaign, but actor Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy) engaged with viewers using his Twitter account. In addition Old Spice created coupons to make the campaign even more aggressive. According to Joseph Jaffe in his Adweek column, it is hard to measure how many sales came directly from the ad, but there is definitely a correlation between all the tools used to make this campaign a success. Old Spice guy will be a hard act to follow, but I can’t wait to see which company is going to try to create another creative campaign as this one.

This amazing campaign not only shows everybody’s frustation with BP and the spill, but also gives you the opportunity to help clean up the spill. Good thing tomorrow is payday for me so I can order my own t-shirt.  It’s only $13 and $5 goes to support an organization clean up the place where I may go for vacation in the future.

PS: F–k you BP