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Virgin’s new ad campaign is a bit boring and predictable, but this one  managed to make me laugh. The idea is bit freaky, but it is refreshing to see this after the lack of good ads for Valentine’s Day. The only problem I have with this ad is that it doesn’t appeal to its target audience. Seriously, what girl wants to relate to a crazy stalker? or what mother wants to be like this woman?

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The Show Mustn't Go On. Support Animal-Free Circuses


More than 50,000 are getting ready to be abandoned

Advertising Agency: cOOkies adv, Milan, Italy

Creative Directors: Francesca MudanòAlba Ronchi
Art Directors: Alina PiccolottiAndrea Di Castri
Copywriter: Massimo Guastini
Post-production: Illusion
Published: November 2010

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Don't Sleep, Prisoner

Cafe Taina: Don’t Sleep, Cast Away

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draft FCB, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John

Art Director: Benjamin Yung Jr.

Copywriter: Ricardo John

Illustrator: Gordon Gordeev

Published: Feb, 2011

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The 2012 Passat isn’t out yet, but it’s ad is. It isn’t as funny as they would like it to be, but anyone who pretended to be a character from Star Wars can identify with it. However, what did we learn about the Passat? Nothing.

I think this Fiat campaign is still my favorite.

Advertising Agency: Deutsch, USA

Best ad ever! The reason why I like this one so much is because it catches viewer’s attention in so many ways. The guy’s accent is funny and the squirrel hands are enough to get my attention. Maybe the story and the effects aren’t the best, but it made me laugh and want to try Adventa. Now, where can I get those nuts in Canada?

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Advertising Agency: Ilde CS, Madrid, Spain
Creative: Ilde Cárdenes Santana

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Tagline: “Domestic Violence: To Remain Silent is to Participate”

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