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First of all: this campaign proves that no plastic surgeon is better than Photoshop. Second of all: Australians love to make sex into a comedy. This campaign with the headline, “lean meat with crispy top” for Mrs. Macs meat pies it makes me lose the apetite. I find it funny, don’t take me wrong. However, when I compare the woman of the ad with a pie, that pie becomes rather questionable in my mind. The ad is also promoting the Mrs. Macs Crusty Challenge, which actually sounds a entertaining and a bit funny. Please comment on this post, I would love to hear your thoughts about this campaign.

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The following five videos are the finalists on the Vimeo Festival Awards on the animation category. The five of them are amazing works, but sadly only one of them will be the winner. I’m posting them in order from my favorite to my least favorite. You can vote for your favorite one here. Make sure to comment and let me know your predictions.


Coalition of the Willing


Something Left, Something Taken

Between Bears

This one is my favorite in the Narrative category.


I don’t know why is it that car commercials are so freaking cool. It’s probably because car companies get so much money from the government to invest in jobs. Well, at least some very talented ad agency is getting a well-deserved pay cheque this week. Nothing like a very hip car driving very fast around the streets of some cool mediterranean city. You can never go wrong with that combination.

This letter reminded me of the 90-9-1 principle. If you are interested in marketing you should know it, but I guess I can teach it to you if you are not familiar with it. 90% of people online are viewers, 9% are editors and 1% are creators of content. If you want your campaign to go viral you should make sure to know that fact, and these other 5 rules. Apparently 68% of online marketers have never heard of that principle. After reading that letter, I started to think about some other campaigns that asked me to make videos or take pictures of myself promoting a product. Doritos is the only that comes to mind at the moment, but I’m sure that, if I research better, I can find more companies asking for this kind of things.

However I find that kind of marketing very poor. Of course, a lot of people will find it interesting, but I don’t think it has high chances of going viral. People want to see something quick and pass it around. This is why Stumbleupon is so successful. The “bored at work” idea should be something to focus on. People don’t always have the will and the means to create marketing campaigns for other organizations. Companies are paying the big bucks to advertising agencies and marketing teams anyways. They should use the social media in a way that engages those viewers more and makes them remember the message.

  • bromance
  • buzzkill
  • cheeseball
  • chillax
  • frenemy
  • interweb
  • vuvuzela
  • wardrobe malfunction

Click here for definitions. You are now officially allowed to use them when playing Scrabble.

This short film reminded me of how powerful words can be. Copywriters have such an extraordinary task: choosing the right words! If they do, they can get people to do whatever they want. Just don’t take it too far.

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The following ads from Turkey are promoting Binboa vodka. It is interesting to think about the fact that Turkey being a Muslim country knows how to sell alcohol in a funnier way than most agencies in North America.

Interesting fact: if you visit the Binboa site and say that you are underage, it will redirect you to EuroDisney.
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