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Tagline: Live on Play Mode

I just watched a French movie about a baby that grows wings on Netflix, and this commercial made me wonder if cute babies are now a trend on media. Maybe they have always been a trend. Perhaps I’m trying to talk about something else that is not the fact that a PS3 makes you act like a baby sometimes. When my partner bought a PS3, I swore that I wouldn’t play with it because video games were for losers. Once he made me play Little Big Planet and Rock Band, I had to swallow my words and simply have fun with it. Lesson: PS3 turned me into a baby!


Cristian Cano

Sony released this series of commercials showing why people should play games on the PSP. However, it doesn’t really say why someone shouldn’t buy an iPhone. They make the iPhone guy look like a loser for not playing “big boy games.” I admit that I use my iPhone for playing most of the time, but it is not its main function. I bought it because I can have one device inside my pocket that does all the things I need. I guess I must be a different demographic than the one Sony is trying to reach. Still, the ad doesn’t convince me, and me thankful for not having to try to fit a PSP and a cellphone in my pockets. First, they need to make cargo pants fashionable again.