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Budweiser’s ad created by DDB London and director Chris Palmer. When you have very strict advertising regulations for products like alcohol and tobacco , a campaign has to be extremely creativy to make it memorable. Even though this ad is over 90 seconds long, it kept me engaged the whole time because of the originality. If you think about it, this ad makes you want to play pool more than drink beer. Now, what do people often drink when they play pool? BEER! They just have to remember the name of the brand, and Budweiser will be satisfied.

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Worksafe Victoria is using this ad to create awareness on bad habits at work. It is a shocking commercial, but it made me think of all the times I climbed my parents book shelves as a child- some of us acted like complete morons growing up. This ad is one of the reasons why I think advertising is so important: it sometimes does the job your parents didn’t do.

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Smart advertising! You get on the cab and yell, “Follow that car!” In this case you “Follow that airline” on Twitter. So simple and so efficient at the same time.

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