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The scare tactics of this ad make me want to start investing on my retirement. However I felt like this ad was patronizing me:”Don’t get tattoos because you’ll look ridiculous when you get older.” It sounds like something my mom said to me at some point. I think the ad works for some people, but people with tattoos will be more distracted picturing how their tattoos will look like in a few years than thinking on investing their money, specially not with a business that just made fun of their future selves.

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I’m not going to ruin it for you, but I think this ad uses all the YouTube tools available to brand the product, which is what an ad should do. It is funny, silly and it stays in your mind. I just graduated from school, and all I can think about is in buying that product, even though I don’t need it! Great job. If you like this, you would probably enjoy the subservient chicken

Says Copyranter: “congratulations Egyptians on finally getting the convenience of soda bottles with twist-off caps. And secondly, homo-erotic humor on TV in morally repressed Egypt! Brave of the ad agency, Cairo’s Fortune Promoseven, since the country has a de facto ban on homosexuality

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This Honda Jazz commercial targets young hipsters by slightly making fun of them, but at the same time it lets them identify with the product. It is nice to see an ad for a car that shows a face. I find it original, but still doesn’t convince me to buy the product. Why? Maybe I’m not hipster enough. Just sayin’

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Don’t you love those ads where the guy does something ridiculous and obnoxious in front of someone, just to find out a few seconds later that he is embarrassing himself in front of his girlfriend’s parents? So many advertising agencies have done this, but I still can’t get tired of the lack of originality. It is still hilarious.

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All I have to say about this ad, is that is one of the most memorables commercials ever seen. It should be shown in North America to create more awareness about the benefits of losing weight. Maybe some gyms could post it on their sites. It would get more people motivated to work out for sure.

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