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Beyonce is in heat, and the British can’t take it.

Children watched Saw by accident in a movie theatre

Worst marketing ever!

Nerd not happy at Wired party

A proposal to send old people to die in Mars

Bogusky discusses the unhealthy truth

Netflix not sure if people enjoy watching movies on their mobile devices

Facebook functions in modern romance

How to save advertising in the future

Best websites of November

Gift Cards and Social Networks







Coolest octopus in the world

James Cameron will be busy until 2015 making Avatar 2 and 3

Frito-Lay switches back to noisy bag

NYC anti-smoking campaign kinda works

Oprah’s new logo

There Will be Blood- Pixelated Nintendo Style

Technology wants to be human

10 steps to develop a great brand

Twitter trends- manly men and insensitive boys

If Republicans don’t win the elections, McDonald’s employees won’t get raises.

Sisters make you happier


Posted: October 22, 2010 in FYI
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Helvetica is the font everyone was talking about in 1966

Should NPR fire its CEO?

New Media doesn’t exist. It’s all about new consumption.

Celebrating the return of Mad Men with 10 real Ad Men

The NHL is using social media to interact with fans.

Is American Apparel profitting from gay bashing?

The Mad Men fashion file

Is Calvin Klein producing porn commercials?

Axe calls out Old Spice Guy

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