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Virgin’s new ad campaign is a bit boring and predictable, but this one  managed to make me laugh. The idea is bit freaky, but it is refreshing to see this after the lack of good ads for Valentine’s Day. The only problem I have with this ad is that it doesn’t appeal to its target audience. Seriously, what girl wants to relate to a crazy stalker? or what mother wants to be like this woman?

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I tried to find an interesting and romantic ad for Valentine’s day, but apparently many companies can’t be creative during this time of the year. Even though it is not officially a Valentine’s Day ad, I’m posting this one because it is funny, not cheesy and way better than posting something that has been done a trillion times.

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Advertising Agency: Try, Oslo, Norway

Art Director: Karin Lund

Copywriter: Øystein Halvorsen

Production Company: Paradox

Director: Arild Frölich

Producer: Beate Tangre

Director of Photography: Askild Vilk

Post Production/ Editing House/ Sound: Hocus Focus

Ads like this leave me wondering. I think it is funny and it is great that they are trying to create more awareness on this issue. However, the campaign seems to be focusing on how badly you can behave and go unnoticed when you work with blind people. The characters in the ad show that the blind guy is competent on his job, but that message gets lost with the joke. Don’t take me wrong, I believe that humor in ads is very important, but the ad should focus more on the message and not on the joke.

The Norwegian Association of the Blind created a really good ad a few years ago that uses humor in a better way focusing on the message.

Advertising should always be like this. This ad is perfect. It has everything that you should have in an advert. It is sexy, funny, memorable, and it explains the main benefit of using Pfister. Trust me; that is a brand I will remember now.

Agency: Walker, Zurich

Director: Ben Gregor

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Via Copyranter


Tagline: Live on Play Mode

I just watched a French movie about a baby that grows wings on Netflix, and this commercial made me wonder if cute babies are now a trend on media. Maybe they have always been a trend. Perhaps I’m trying to talk about something else that is not the fact that a PS3 makes you act like a baby sometimes. When my partner bought a PS3, I swore that I wouldn’t play with it because video games were for losers. Once he made me play Little Big Planet and Rock Band, I had to swallow my words and simply have fun with it. Lesson: PS3 turned me into a baby!

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Prague, Czech Republic

Executive Creative Director: Radouanne Hadj Moussa

Ads are better when they have celebrities in them. Remember the second most expensive commercial? or the most expensive one?

Chuck Norris is just a plus for this ad. The whole plot is hilarious, so there wasn’t really a need to spend a gazillion dollars on him. Not that I’m complaining.