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Most people worry because their parents want to be friends on Facebook, or are already embarrassing them. I think that I probably would have been scared of being friends with my parents seven years ago, but now my life is so boring that the most risque pictures that they can find on my profile are my work Christmas party and me playing mini-golf last summer. Lots of people still wonder whether or not is a good idea to give access to your parents to your most popular Internet hangout. However I decided that it’s a good idea to be “friends” with my parents. My mom lives in another country, and my dad in another province. It would really be nice to stay in touch with them and know what going on with their lives, even though my mom calls me almost everyday to tell me the most trivial events of her life.

As soon as my mom signed up for Facebook, we became friends. She’s been on it for over three years and still doesn’t even know how to “like” anything – she “likes” and “dislikes” things over the phone. She doesn’t accept many friend requests because she doesn’t want them to post things on their wall. She thinks that the best way to use Facebook is avoiding people on it. However she did accept my Please-tell-the-world-I’m-your-son request. So all of my friends can find her profile easily. She recently learned that if she wants to read news feeds, she can now call one of my aunts who is constantly policing her children, sisters, nephews, nieces, neighbors, friends, and anyone who dares to accepts her fatal friend request. Also, my mom doesn’t speak English, so I could write the most absurd status update or note and she wouldn’t even notice.

A few days ago, Facebook showed me my dad as “people [I] may know.” It seemed funny to see the suggestions. Of course I know my dad, Facebook! I requested his friendship right away. A few days later I noticed that Facebook suggested me again to become Friends with him. I requested his friendship again. Then last week, Facebook suggests me again to become friends with my dad. He ignored my request two times! I asked him once about it – don’t judge me, I usually don’t care if the average human being doesn’t accept me or “unfriends” me- he simply ignored the question and moved on to tell me something about his job. I know he loves me and everything, but I felt such a BURN! BIG BURN!

I noticed he’s friends with my aunts, and some cousins, but my sister and brother aren’t friends with him either. I think that he doesn’t want us to be uncomfortable with his presence. I really don’t know the reason, but I think it’s better having a nosy parent on Facebook, than someone who just ignores your “friendship” request! Seriously, what’s up with that? I am a social media bastard. My father won’t accept me, but in the real world things are still normal. No hard feelings, and I guess most teenage Facebook users would be jealous to have parents like mine on Facebook. Between us, I’m just going to assume my dad doesn’t need to be friends with me on Facebook because I he knows I share everything with him.


Bouygues Telecom’s Facebook presence started outside of Facebook. The company printed 1000 books using real people’s profile information to promote their own Facebook page. Siavosh Zabeti, the person behind this idea,  said, “”They wanted us to create something that would go beyond using your profile picture in a funny way, or pranking your friends with a small joke. We decided to look at the way we use Facebook and found that even though we use the social networking site every day, we forget our favorite moments we share online. So we created an app that could change that, and keep your Facebook, in a book.”

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Most of my friends and classmates find it “weird” to have their boss as a friend on Facebook. I think they are wrong and it is a great idea as long as it is done with care and you communicate well with your employer. Once upon a time, when I was a teenager,I posted some pictures on Facebook of me at work that were somewhat questionable. I didn’t find them to be bad at the tie, but my boss did. In a friendly manner he asked me to delete them explaining his reasons. I removed them, but I thought he was being ridiculous. Now I look back, and I am thankful that he asked me to do so. If he wouldn’t have said that, I would have done it now. Employers need to create an environment of trust with employees where they can help those who don’t know how to behave online, and help some people avoid future embarrassment.

Also, now that I am unemployed and desperately looking for a job, it is easier for me to contact my previous employers asking for references. Some of them work at different places now. It would be almost impossible to find them if it weren’t because for Facebook. I can update their information and maybe have an opportunity to work with them again. I spent this past summer in Toronto, and one of my previous employers, who now lives there, hired me during my stay.

Unless you have no idea how to manage your online presence, and/or you don’t trust your boss looking at your pictures, you should try to stay connected with those who might help you get your dream job.

I guess I’m not the only one who has a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Everyday I wake up thinking whether or not I should delete my Facebook profile, but seriously! Who doesn’t have Facebook? My classmates who don’t have it, are the ones who miss the cool events, and are out of the loop of what’s going on. Ever since Facebook came into our lives, text messages became obsolete and email is only useful to receive Facebook notifications. This article explains how Facebook, even though is so awesome, is the one website that keeps its users most dissatisfied compared to other sites. I think it’s fair to say that advertisement on Facebook can be freaking annoying. My profile shows I’m in a relationship, but Facebook keeps insisting that I should meet singles! Of course, privacy settings are a big concern too. Let’s just hope that the genius behind this site does something about it.