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I just watched a French movie about a baby that grows wings on Netflix, and this commercial made me wonder if cute babies are now a trend on media. Maybe they have always been a trend. Perhaps I’m trying to talk about something else that is not the fact that a PS3 makes you act like a baby sometimes. When my partner bought a PS3, I swore that I wouldn’t play with it because video games were for losers. Once he made me play Little Big Planet and Rock Band, I had to swallow my words and simply have fun with it. Lesson: PS3 turned me into a baby!


Random Monday

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Cute Ads, Random Monday

It’s that time of the week again! While most of you are about to end your workday and head home to have dinner, I’m still writing cover letters and sending resumes to different prospect employers. Sorry for taking so long on posting today

I hope you have a good week and keep checking the updates on 84 Percent Blog.

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For this Halloween season, Vest-A-Dog , an organization in charge of providing bullet-proof vests to police dogs, is trying to reach dog owners to donate money to their organization. Excellent campaign, excellent timing and excellent message. This is one of those ads that, if I owned a pet, would make me feel guilty of spending money on a costume for a dog rather than giving the money to an organization that could save lives.

This is probably the least controversial advert that IKEA has, but definitely the cutest. All I can think about now is on getting a whole bunch of cats to run around my recently purchased IKEA items. IKEA should have used this opportunity to promote litter boxes and other pet supplies.

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