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I tried to find an interesting and romantic ad for Valentine’s day, but apparently many companies can’t be creative during this time of the year. Even though it is not officially a Valentine’s Day ad, I’m posting this one because it is funny, not cheesy and way better than posting something that has been done a trillion times.

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Ogilvy will probably win lots of awards with this campaign for WWF. It is a nice and simple concept that I am surprised nobody ever thought of it before. Let’s see if they come up with similar ads or posters in the future, but this one alone is amazing.

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Out of all the ads that I saw from the SuperBowl,  this one is my favorite one. It was a fantastic idea to show that the car is intended for certain audience, but made fun of them at the same time. It is rare to see creativity used in this way. Two thumbs up for this one.

PS: The Kenny G part was hilarious!

Advertising should always be like this. This ad is perfect. It has everything that you should have in an advert. It is sexy, funny, memorable, and it explains the main benefit of using Pfister. Trust me; that is a brand I will remember now.

Agency: Walker, Zurich

Director: Ben Gregor

Via: Copyranter

Via Copyranter


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Prague, Czech Republic

Executive Creative Director: Radouanne Hadj Moussa

Ads are better when they have celebrities in them. Remember the second most expensive commercial? or the most expensive one?

Chuck Norris is just a plus for this ad. The whole plot is hilarious, so there wasn’t really a need to spend a gazillion dollars on him. Not that I’m complaining.