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This is one of the funniest ads I have seen. The ad was posted on YouTube a week ago, but it got pulled after just a couple thousand views. Some suspect that Apple had something to do with that, since the ad makes fun of the iPad in a very subtle way.

I find the ad creative and funny, and don’t  see why Apple would mind it, but the company has a history of not having sense of humour. Comment on this post and let me know what do you think of the ad.


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The Pope’s visit and ten complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority were the reasons why these series of ads for Antonio Federici gelato got banned in the UK. According to the Advertising Standards Authority, the advert breached decency rules. “We considered that the portrayal of the priest and nun in a sexualised manner and the implication that they were considering whether or not to give in to temptation, was likely to cause serious offence to some readers,” they said.

Antonio Federici said that the ads are about the dilemma of whether or not they will succumb to temptation, which is up to the reader to decide. It  depends on viewer’s own individual values to choose the fate of the characters.