My name is Cristian D. Cano, and I recently got my BBA in Marketing Communications at Camosun College in beautiful Victoria, Canada. I am originally from Colombia, but I have been living in Canada for over seven years. I find advertising the most fascinating career because of all the creativity that it takes to make a campaign successful. Even though I have little experience in the subject, I think it is the one career that combines arts and sciences.

Some people ask me why is this blog called 84 Percent? The answer is very simple: every idea, product, politician or organization has 8% of the population in favor of it and 8% against it. Marketing doesn’t focus on that 16% of the population. It would be like trying to convince the Palin family to vote Obama. No matter what you do, they will never change their mind about the subject. Marketing and advertising focus on the 84% of the population that don’t know whether to buy one product or another one. They help those uncertain in making better and more informed decisions.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I do putting it together. Please comment and rate the posts. I need harsh criticism and I’m ready to take it. So bring it on.



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