Marketers Change the World, Not Minds.

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Advertising
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As a business student, I felt as an outsider living in Victoria, BC, the hippy city I went to school to. I experienced intolerance and some people thought that my major was unethical. Whenever any of my classmates or I had to take an elective with people from other programs, our new classmates frowned upon our education choice. Not only them, most people do too.  I told someone once that I wanted to get into advertising, and he asked,  “why would you want to work in such a deceiving profession?”

When my classmate asked me that question, I asked him “why did you come to school?” I explained that a marketing team at our school “deceived” him into paying tuition fees and purchasing textbooks for every class he was taking. Why would he spend that time and money for something that was not going to help him in the future? Not every marketing campaign is selling you things you don’t need or want. Ads probably bother us just when we see them promoting things we don’t want.

No one is ever upset when they see a commercial for a product they want. They even want to see more ads about the product. I jump around every time I see an ad promoting any Apple product. Also, I get excited when I see a campaign that is educating people on how to become more environmentally friendly. Advertising is often used for the greater good. We see ads all the time that are not appealing to us, but we’re just not their target market. This world is too big to focus on every single person’s taste. Luckily Facebook is taking care of that.

Now that I finally have my degree, and had the opportunity to meet more people in the field, I am surprised of the ignorance and misinformation that goes around about this profession. Advertising has the power to change people’s minds and lives. It even has the power to save lives. The impact it has in the world is unmeasurable, although marketers want you to think they can measure it. Imagine if soap would have been created, but it wouldn’t have been marketed. Probably more people would still be dying of H1N1 now, or medieval plagues. Now we are aware of how important it is to wash our hands, even though I still see some people in public washroom who don’t do that.

Think about on how many germs you haven’t touched thanks to advertising campaigns, or imagine how polluted the world will be tomorrow if we don’t start working on a bigger marketing campaign that will educate those that still don’t know how to be green. You still have the power to ignore ads, but you could start paying attention to the good things marketing and advertising do for the world. If this argument doesn’t make you change your mind about this profession, don’t worry; some other advertiser will take care of that for you.

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