Today is blog action day, so this is why I waited until now to post this amazing campaign DDB Vancouver created for BC Hydro. I first saw the ads on the Skytrain stations and immediatly caught my attention, especially because I’m always upset when I see lights on when there is nobody around. The entire campaign focuses on people who are wasteful with other products like paper towel, tap water, food and more, and compares them with people who are wasteful with electricity. The tagline is “The most ridiculous thing about wasting power is that, for some reason, we don’t think it is ridiculous.” GENIOUS!

Last week they created a street marketing campaign in Vancouver, which used two three-by-six meter structures made out of recycled shipping containers and glass walls. In them, actors lived on a day-to-day routine showing how people can improve their habits in the workplace and at home. To the exterior of the display, posters described the differences between a wasteful behavior and an energy-efficient living.

Via Marketing Magazine

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  1. elenasc says:

    Thanks to be Part of Blog Action Day!
    Please read and share my post about Water’s footprint in Fashion: you’d be surprised at how much impact your personal or family clothing preferences have on the environment.
    You can make the difference!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by BC Hydro Power Smart, Cristian D. Cano. Cristian D. Cano said: Wasteful behavior is ridiculous: My post for @blogactionday. Using @tribalddbvan great campaign for @powersmartbc […]

  3. […] will be tomorrow if we don’t start working on a bigger marketing campaign that will educate those that still don’t know how to be green. You still have the power to ignore ads, but you could start paying attention to the good things […]

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