Cebu Pacific Airlines goes Gaga and Perry

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Viral Videos
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Whenever I fly, I feel bad when flight attendants give the safety demonstration and nobody pays attention. I would feel so frustrated if I give a presentation and everyone in the audience knows exactly what I am going to say and rather do something else. This is why I loved this video. Even though it isn’t a pre-recorded safety demonstration with naked flight attendants, or charging a helluva lot more money for random things, it is the kind of publicity an airline should have. If you’re going to be stuck in a plane with a whole bunch of random people, at least you know for sure they are not going to lose control and curse at you. At least I can say that WestJet, here in Canada, does a very good job of keeping me entertained when I fly. They are not as awesome, but they are very cool.

Via Towleroad.

  1. […] this ad. All I can think about now is on planning my next trip, and eating shrimp! Who cares about flight attendants dancing Lady Gaga songs, when Virgin flight attendants have superpowers! Ok, maybe they don’t really have […]

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