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Sisters make you happier


Advertising Agency MacLaren McCann Toronto, Canada

Via Ads of the World

When you first see this ad you think you are seeing a movie trailer, but at the end you realize you are watching a commercial for Nike’s Machspeed Black driver. One of the hints you get about it is the date at the beginning of the ad: Nov 26th 2010, which is when it will be released. I’m not into golf so this doesn’t make very excited, but if Trollbäck + Company, the agency that created the ad, wanted to make me gasp, they should have put the price of it. $359.99. Now that’s something I will remember about this ad.

Are you into golf? comment and let me know if you would buy it.

Via Ads of the World

Budweiser’s ad created by DDB London and director Chris Palmer. When you have very strict advertising regulations for products like alcohol and tobacco , a campaign has to be extremely creativy to make it memorable. Even though this ad is over 90 seconds long, it kept me engaged the whole time because of the originality. If you think about it, this ad makes you want to play pool more than drink beer. Now, what do people often drink when they play pool? BEER! They just have to remember the name of the brand, and Budweiser will be satisfied.

Via Copyranter

Tagline- Way of life!

Agency: ADWISE, Assatu DK, Moscow, Russia

Illustration: Fiero Animals

Published: September 2010

Random Monday

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It’s that time of the week again! While most of you are about to end your workday and head home to have dinner, I’m still writing cover letters and sending resumes to different prospect employers. Sorry for taking so long on posting today

I hope you have a good week and keep checking the updates on 84 Percent Blog.

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