Clean your dishes, clean your dirty firefighter

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Funny Ad
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Japanese ads are hilarious, but Australians know how to make sex funny. Morning Fresh Dirty Dish is using this campaign to create a buzz in a very creative way.Their website has is a dirty cowboy version and options to create a version of the video with a dirty police officer to send your friends with your friend’s picture in the video. You can also take a “Dirty vs. Clean” quiz, which you can only do if you “Like” their Facebook Page. This is what I call a great online advertising campaign: It’s interactive, funny and original.

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  2. […] my favorite commercial shows that I am a bit biased and simply love condom ads. I also think that Australian ads are some of the funniest , second to Japanese. Now, Australians creating condom commercials make me […]

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