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How often do you see anyone dying in an ad? This Indonesian commercial for the Neril Aminexil to prevent hair loss is funny, but the line is very cheezy. However it made me laugh. I give them one thumb up for comedy.

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Japanese ads are hilarious, but Australians know how to make sex funny. Morning Fresh Dirty Dish is using this campaign to create a buzz in a very creative way.Their website has is a dirty cowboy version and options to create a version of the video with a dirty police officer to send your friends with your friend’s picture in the video. You can also take a “Dirty vs. Clean” quiz, which you can only do if you “Like” their Facebook Page. This is what I call a great online advertising campaign: It’s interactive, funny and original.

Lindt Lindor Truffles probably spent a fortune getting Roger Federer in this commercial, but forgot to pay someone to clean his pits or run across the street to buy him some deodorant.

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Pau de la Sierra directed this ad promoting the Lisbon Gay and Lesbian film festival 2011, by  agency  Fuel Lisbon.

The following five videos are the finalists on the Vimeo Festival Awards on the animation category. The five of them are amazing works, but sadly only one of them will be the winner. I’m posting them in order from my favorite to my least favorite. You can vote for your favorite one here. Make sure to comment and let me know your predictions.


Coalition of the Willing


Something Left, Something Taken

Between Bears

This one is my favorite in the Narrative category.


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I’m seeing a “words are powerful” trend here. Burger King is using typography to promote its restaurants in Germany. The words you see in the graphics translate in English as, “Yummy crunchy juicy fresh crisp crunchy sharp pleasure lick the seasoning well licked finger licking taste explosion.” It is a new way to promote a restaurant, but I’m not sure how successful these ads will be. Whenever I see  fast food ads, I crave the food. These pictures are, for sure, amazing and well done, but they don’t make me hungry. They do make me want to play Scrabble and learn German.

The typography campaign was created by Interone, Munich. Illustrations were done by Serial Cut, Spain.

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This is one of the funniest ads I have seen. The ad was posted on YouTube a week ago, but it got pulled after just a couple thousand views. Some suspect that Apple had something to do with that, since the ad makes fun of the iPad in a very subtle way.

I find the ad creative and funny, and don’t  see why Apple would mind it, but the company has a history of not having sense of humour. Comment on this post and let me know what do you think of the ad.