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This Honda Jazz commercial targets young hipsters by slightly making fun of them, but at the same time it lets them identify with the product. It is nice to see an ad for a car that shows a face. I find it original, but still doesn’t convince me to buy the product. Why? Maybe I’m not hipster enough. Just sayin’

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The following ads from Turkey are promoting Binboa vodka. It is interesting to think about the fact that Turkey being a Muslim country knows how to sell alcohol in a funnier way than most agencies in North America.

Interesting fact: if you visit the Binboa site and say that you are underage, it will redirect you to EuroDisney.
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by Cristian Cano

YouTube and Old Spice just made history, and proved once again that social media can be more effective than broadcast with a series of videos that had more than 110 million views. The Old Spice commercial [above] went viral quickly and even though there was some criticism about its effectivity, the numbers were revealed this week and sales increased 107% in a month. Marketing firm Wieden + Kennedy is responsible for the creation of this ad, which has been as successful as Susan Boyle’s video. It may seem like just a YouTube viral campaign, but actor Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy) engaged with viewers using his Twitter account. In addition Old Spice created coupons to make the campaign even more aggressive. According to Joseph Jaffe in his Adweek column, it is hard to measure how many sales came directly from the ad, but there is definitely a correlation between all the tools used to make this campaign a success. Old Spice guy will be a hard act to follow, but I can’t wait to see which company is going to try to create another creative campaign as this one.

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After watching the first episode of Season 4 of Mad Men, and reading this article, I get more amused of the power of social media. Don’s lack of charisma during an interview makes the agency lose one of their key clients, and Peggy increases the sales of one of their clients by using a story as publicity stunt (a published story of two women fighting for the last piece of ham). The two of them show how social media works in positive and negative ways.

Don was very closed and unapproachable during the interview and this hurt the agency. He was representing the company and didn’t do anything to stand out from the other agencies. This is something that is crucial when using social media, and it explains why celebrities get so many people following them on Twitter and “Liking” their Facebook profiles. They connect with their audience in an unique way, which is interesting enough to make others talk about it.

That is exactly what happened with Peggy’s publicity stunt. She created a story that was so fantastic and unbelievable that other newspapers picked it up and sales increased. Then she came up with the slogan “Our hams are worth fighting for.” Her idea, even though is very unethical, is an example of what people want. Something so catchy and fresh that makes people talk about it. It has to be catchy.

Also, you have to remember a shared links have more chances to stay longer than a status update. This guy says that you need to create something that spreads fast. If you are a company or an organization, you need to look at your SWOT analysis and compare your strengths with the competition’s weaknesses to know what exactly is going to make you stand out.

If you like advertising, you must be familiar with Mad Men. The best show on TV ever!  Fourth season starts this Sunday and AMC is giving you the opportunity to get a job at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. So apply here. I got the account manager position.

Don’t you love those ads where the guy does something ridiculous and obnoxious in front of someone, just to find out a few seconds later that he is embarrassing himself in front of his girlfriend’s parents? So many advertising agencies have done this, but I still can’t get tired of the lack of originality. It is still hilarious.

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