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Green Advertising

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

The City of Toronto came up with this creative idea promoting¬† The ad lets people turn off the light creating awareness about the importance to save energy. This poster was located in different bus stops in the city, reaching a bigger audience. Although the poster seems to be promoting a green initiative, the light has to stay on for a considerable amount of time to be truly a green campaign. I find it very creative anyways. It is original, which makes people attracted to not only interact with it, but also read what it says. Just by looking at the picture of the ad, I felt curious to check the website. Once I checked it, I thought that the creative work that made me check the website was not present in the actual site. I didn’t find it to meet my expectations after seeing the ad. Perhaps because I don’t live in Toronto, but they could make the site more appealing to everyone. The site didn’t have that much interactivity and kept telling me to apply for grants. The people behind this site should use this opportunity to make the site more appealing for people who lack knowledge about sustainability. I still find the ad AWESOME, and I did more research of of other cool green ads and found this great commercial encouraging people to walk more and drive less.