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Illegal Advertising

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

A group of civilians organized a public advertising takeover against NPA City Outdoor, a company that did not get permits to post their billboards in different buildings in New York. It is very interesting to see how regular people are fighting against big companies to keep advertising restricted to certain times and spaces. In some countries and cities, it is illegal to use too much public space to advertise. It is called visual contamination. Marketing agencies have to be very creative at finding ways to reach people. Ads are not as effective anymore, not even online. Audiences get annoyed easily when they have to deal with advertisement campaigns. It makes them feel like they are an experiment for corporations.

This video does not only create awareness for citizens to respect their public spaces, but also challenges communications managers to find more creative ways to reach their audiences. Sometimes marketers have to really think outside the box- ironically, NPA City Outdoor’s logo is “If you are thinking inside the city, we are thinking ‘outside the box.” Which it is not only cliche, but now proven not true. Below is a very innovative way to send a message to the target audience, making the idea stay longer in people’s minds.